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The Limit is a Virtual Haven for Exercising Past Comfortability

The Limit is a Virtual Haven for Exercising Past Comfortability

Beth Nicely’s virtual fitness platform dubbed The Limit continues to gain further ground in the fitness technology space. With its motto centered around perseverance, anyone can use The Limit to push themselves towards better health and unwavering confidence

In fitness, pushing oneself past their comfort zone seems to be one of the most recognizable cornerstones. And even with the most advanced technology to help in whichever goal one chooses to meet, whether that’s losing/gaining weight, adding muscle, or upping one’s cardio for heart health, sometimes meeting those achievements can still become daunting. Then there’s The Limit

The Limit is a virtual fitness platform crafted by NASM Certified Personal Trainer Beth Nicely. Nicely, who’s also a PROnatal Pre/Postnatal Specialist and Broadway dancer, founded her company as theater doors on Broadway were shuttered during the COVID-19 pandemic. She told TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer in 2020, “I knew I just wanted to do a dance cardio class on my birthday. I was like, ‘Anyone who wants to dance with me, this is the Zoom link, join in.’ Everyone kept asking me, ‘Are you going to teach more classes?’ I was like, ‘I think I have to start a business.’”  

Nicely’s business became The Limit, known today for its effective dance cardio and toning workouts. Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman praised the entrepreneur for her work while on the set of The Prom, and other celebrities including Golden Globe award winner Jennifer Garner and Tony award-winning actress Sutton Foster have been known to use The Limit for their fitness goals. The Limit’s website features a handful of virtual and in-person class offerings, including Nicely’s signature “Saturday Dance Party.” There’s also the option of purchasing a subscription to The Limit’s on-demand platform available to view on a number of devices (examples include iPhone, Roku, Fire TV, android TV). Looking for half marathon training help? Nicely also has a solution for that with her Half Marathon Training Plan.

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Technology and fitness continue to work in tandem, and as far as The Limit is concerned, there are no limits to what can be achieved with its exercise plans.

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