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Nutrition Label Likely Getting a Change

Nutrition Label Likely Getting a Change

Nutrition label
The Biden administration proposed relocating the nutrition label to the front of food packaging, which would be regulated by the FDA through a standardized labeling system

Ingredient awareness and traceability have never been more popular among consumers. In September, the Biden administration proposed to change the location of the nutrition label on food packaging and bring it to the front. The administration desires to help consumers, particularly those with lower levels of nutrition literacy, identify foods for healthy eating patterns.

While the nutrition label change is likely not happening any time soon, the Biden administration stands by this proposed change for increased attention on nutrition. The White House released a 44-page strategy report on the matter, and also proposes an update that “healthy” claims on food packages must have more nutritious criteria to back them up. The document also proposes star ratings or “traffic light schemes” to make nutrition information very clear and accessible to all. The traffic light system signals that green is a healthier option, and red is a less nutritious choice.

While this change could take a while to implement, it represents the Biden administration’s acknowledgment of widespread nutrition illiteracy, and possible solutions to help Americans understand what they are consuming. The proposed changes are part of the strategy to end hunger and diet-related diseases in America in just eight years. This nutrition labeling plan is the first of its kind since 1969, when a similar effort sparked programs like food stamps.

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