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Peloton Tread Touchscreens To Be Fixed

Peloton Tread Touchscreens To Be Fixed


Peloton is offering in-home repair appointments for Tread treadmill users several months after a recall of the product. The Tread and Tread Plus Peloton treadmills were recalled in 2021 following safety concerns from users.

Peloton is finally getting a move on fixing one of their treadmill products, the Tread, after a massive recall of the Tread and Tread Plus equipment in May. The Verge reports that Tread owners are now able to schedule appointments to get their touchscreens repaired in their homes by a technician. Unfortunately, individuals still waiting on news for Tread Plus assistance may have to wait a bit longer. There’s been no further updates on potential Tread Plus repair help or its return to the marketplace since May.  

Over 6,000 Peloton Tread treadmills were recalled in early May due to a touchscreen detachment hazard that posed a safety concern for users. Around 125,000 Tread Plus treadmills were recalled after the death of a child and more than 70 additional incidents also occurred. 

A statement from Peloton CEO John Foley was released via The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission after recall news of the Tread and Tread Plus became public. Foley said that the decision to recall “was the right thing to do for Peloton’s Members and their families” and admitted that Peloton should have “engaged more productively” with the Consumer Product Safety Commission at the beginning stages of recalling the Tread Plus. Per The Washington Post, Peloton previously fought against a full recall of the product even after the aforementioned death of a child was reported.  

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Anyone with a Peloton Tread in need of repairs can head to Peloton’s website to schedule or reschedule their free service visit. The exercise equipment and media company continues to maintain on their website that anyone with a Tread or Tread Plus are advised to stop use of either treadmill and contact the company for further information. 

The Tread and Tread Plus are the only treadmills sold under the Peloton brand. The Peloton Tread retails at the starting price of $2,495, while the starting price for a Tread Plus is $4,295. Peloton issued that Tread Plus consumers who wish for a full refund have the option to do so until November 6, 2022. Free service visits to relocate Trend Plus products in customers’ homes “where children and pets cannot access it during use” has also been proposed for users. 

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