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Mindbody & Brivo Team Up to Provide Improved Wellness Security

Mindbody & Brivo Team Up to Provide Improved Wellness Security

On the heels of its multi-year agreement announcement with Corporate Sports Unlimited, wellness technology platform Mindbody partners with smart building company Brivo to help strengthen security for wellness businesses

Mindbody platform users will be able to enjoy what smart building company Brivo has to offer, due to a newly announced partnership between the two. Brivo, which is a cloud-based access control business, helps customers with their security needs. Now with Brivo and Mindbody’s alliance, studio owners and health and fitness companies alike on the Mindbody platform can use Brivo Access to keep members, businesses, and assets protected and secure under this model product.


In regards to the news, Mindbody and Class Pass CEO Fritz Lanman states, “As the wellness industry continues to adapt to the changes brought on by the pandemic, we are thrilled to partner with Brivo to offer our customers a flexible security option that benefits members, employees, and management. With Brivo, studios can access and manage their facility anywhere, anytime, while simplifying security and surveillance.”  

Brivo CEO and Founder Steve Van Till, who expressed his elation about his company’s union with Mindbody, says in a press release Mindbody consumers who take advantage of Brivo Access can enjoy greater facility management and member experiences. “Brivo’s cloud-based access control solution delivers to Mindbody proven security technology, giving owners and employees comfort and control at their fingertips and a frictionless experience for members,” adds Van Till.

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The partnership arrives several months following the launch of Mindbody Capital. Mindbody Capital Director Shari Castelli exclusively told Athletech News in March business owners were investing funds from Mindbody Capital into staff and hiring, along with new marketing campaigns and new equipment. Castelli noted many owners admitted retaining and rebuilding staff post-pandemic had been “difficult.” Mindbody’s new initiative with Brivo may very well prove to usher in more quality products, whether in cloud-based security or not, to assist health and wellness space business leaders seeking to keep and add new clients in a post-pandemic world.

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