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LondonCryo Partners With Reviv, Adding IV Drip Therapy

LondonCryo Partners With Reviv, Adding IV Drip Therapy

IV therapy is the latest wellness trend and now, LondonCryo clients can select from a variety of IV therapies based on their unique needs

A partnership has been forged between Reviv Global and LondonCryo, which brings IV drip therapies to the latter’s whole-body cryotherapy offerings.

Aside from offering its clients innovative cold therapy, LondonCryo’s wellness clinic also features hyperbaric oxygen, red light and compression therapies, infrared saunas, CryoSlimming and CryoFacials.

Maria Ensabella, founder of the clinic, says the collaboration with Reviv will offer clients a more comprehensive wellness experience across its three locations in London. 

“We are committed to providing the latest and most innovative wellness services, and we believe that the pairing of Reviv’s IV therapies with our existing services will be a game-changer for our clients and the industry as a whole,” said Ensabella.

The addition of Reviv IV infusion services means clients can select from five customized therapies based on their needs, whether for athletic performance, recovery or physical and mental wellness. 

IV therapy has surged in popularity in recent months as a quick way to get an energy boost with vitamins and minerals.

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Reviv’s Sven Van Rossum explained that the collaboration that combines LondonCryo’s wellness offerings with Reviv’s expertise in IV drip therapy means that clients of both companies benefit in achieving well-being. 

“With the convenience of accessing multiple wellness services in one place, this partnership enables customers to take a proactive approach to optimize their well-being,” said Van Rossum. “The shared goal is to make it easier for both our customers to enhance their wellness journey.”

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