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The New Aviron Strong Series Rower Has Arrived

The New Aviron Strong Series Rower Has Arrived

A new addition to the Aviron rowing machine family, the Aviron Strong Series, has emerged to give consumers more options for a fun & effective workout

Within the past year alone, indoor rowing has become a growing enterprise in the fitness industry, along with becoming a more of a noted option for those getting fit and healthy. And since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, rowing at-home became a convenient option for enthusiasts particularly used to hopping on a rowing machine at boutique studios such as Row House in New York City. With that in mind, the Aviron rowing brand is now putting other connected fitness rowing apparati like Peloton Row and Boston-based Hydrow on notice with its new Aviron Strong Series rower.  

From its inception, Aviron’s vision has always been to “end boring workouts’ ‘ using both game design and “habit forming psychology” to help make rowing fun. With the Aviron Strong Series rower, this second release in the company’s rowing machine family offers elevated touches to do just that, including a rotating 22” HD touchscreen, lumbar support, a phone holder and (patent-pending) four-way adjustable footplates to accommodate different heights and body types dependent on the user. According to Aviron, the new rower is the only one on the market that allows individuals to “adjust the distance between your feet” and also makes it easier for one to get on and off of its elevated seat. 

In a press release, Aviron founder and CEO Andy Hoang exclaims, “Isn’t it wild that in 2022 no other rower is built to accommodate people who are different sizes?” Hoang adds, “There is so much technology and innovation in the fitness industry, but the basics of the rowing machine — handlebar width, seat size, seat height, foot placement — have never been improved. Making rowing truly comfortable for the average consumer, looking to get a great workout, is the only way to finally popularize rowing and bring it into the mainstream.”  

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The Aviron Strong Series rower comes at a slightly higher price point ($2499) than the brand’s initially released Impact Series Rower ($2199), but certainly provides more accoutrements for the eager buyer.

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