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Top Yoga Mats 2021, According to Athletech Experts

Top Yoga Mats 2021, According to Athletech Experts

The Athletech team surveyed some of the most respected yoga experts in the business to get the best yoga mat picks of 2021.
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Not all yoga mats are created equal. Ask any yoga instructor, studio owner, or fitness enthusiast which mat to buy, and you will definitely get an opinion. Cheaper mats can be slippery and lack the stickiness that your feet need to maintain a pose, while other mats provide too little cushion for those who crave more comfort for their joints. The Athletech team surveyed some of the most respected experts in the business to get their picks for top yoga mats.

The Overall Winner: The Reversible Mat by Lululemon 

Experts agree: This is the ultimate, go-to yoga mat for any fitness level. Our pros consistently praised its quality, durability, stickiness, and comfort. Most preferred the 5mm option, though it’s available in other widths. Because of its weight, it might not travel as well as other mats, but we still think it’s a good investment.

The Comfortable Pick: STOTT PILATES Deluxe Pilates Mat 

It might not be traditional (it’s designed for Pilates), but this mat is hailed as being the softest and thickest. We recommend this if you are looking for a bit more cushion, especially for your back and knees. However, it might not be the best choice for your downward dog given the extra plushness. 

The Best Grip: Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Fitness fanatics are big fans of this mat. Extra grip can be critical for yoga, and it delivers. You won’t slip, even if you do hot yoga or sweat a lot. A bonus: Jade mats are all-natural and eco-friendly. Check out the travel version if you are on the go.

The Splurge: The Manduka PROlite®

This is a step up from the run-of-the-mill mat, and you can tell by the price tag. But this mat is beloved by expert yogis, and it has a lifetime guarantee. It also has more cushion than cheap mats, providing extra support for your joints. However, its thickness also makes it less portable. Not sure if this is the right mat for you? Manduka has a quiz to help you find out.

The Bargain: Classic Gaiam Yoga Mat 

At just under $30, this mat is a steal. It’s lightweight, portable, and latex-free. Plus, it has a nice “sticky” textured surface. And buyers get a bonus: access to an online yoga library. This is a solid choice if you are looking for your first mat or a spare.

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The Multitasker: IUGA Non-Slip Textured Surface Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat 

This lightweight, travel-friendly, multi-purpose (and affordable!) mat checks a lot of boxes. It has double-sided non-slip surfaces that allow you to perform any movement with ease. Your hands and feet will stay put in-pose, and the mat won’t slide, even on wood or tile floors. Also notable: The eco-friendly material means you won’t have to deal with typical yoga mat odor. 

The Junior Yogi’s Pick: Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat 

For the little ones who are just starting to appreciate yoga, these deliver fun prints and comfy cushion. This mat is a great option for kids who either practice child’s pose… or just want a place to play.

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