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Precor Named Worldwide Distributor for Stages Cycling

Precor Named Worldwide Distributor for Stages Cycling

The cycling equipment maker will use Precor’s vast network in over 100 countries to bring its products to new consumers and markets

Precor, the commercial division of Peloton, will become the worldwide distributor of Stages Cycling’s commercial product lines, the sides announced.

The commercial fitness solutions provider and Stages Cycling, a manufacturer of commercial indoor cycles, power meters and cycle computers, will partner to expand the availability of Stages products, including its SC3 and SC2 bikes, to new consumers and new markets.

Stages Cycling will use Precor’s vast sales, services and distribution network in over 100 countries to bring its fitness equipment to commercial clubs, hospitality venues, education institutions, multi-family residential complexes, corporate wellness centers and country clubs.

“Stages Cycling is a global leader in the cycling industry, with products that are trusted by professional cyclists and indoor cycling studios around the world,” said Dustin Grosz, CEO of Precor. “We are excited to offer their innovative cycling products to our customers, who are looking for best-in-category equipment that is backed by the service and support of a partner they trust.”

Jim Liggett, owner and CEO of Stages Cycling, commented that the company is thrilled to partner with Precor.

“This agreement will allow us to reach new customers and markets with our products, and to provide them with the best possible support and service,” Liggett said.

The agreement is expected to take effect this summer.

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Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy promised earlier this year that Precor would get the attention it deserves. Precor named Grosz as its CEO in February.

As he assumed his new role, Grosz wrote that this would be a big year for Precor, and that the company had been held to a high standard but hadn’t been fulfilling its obligations.

“That’s about to change,” Grosz wrote. “In 2023 we are back to being Precor, a stand-alone subsidiary of Peloton, committed to the satisfaction of our customers and the impression our equipment makes on your exercisers.”

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