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Peloton Takes Action Against Inappropriate Content, Apologizes to Members

Peloton Takes Action Against Inappropriate Content, Apologizes to Members

Peloton screen with a female instructor
Some Peloton users reported receiving follow requests with nude images

Peloton says it’s aware of spam accounts that contain explicit images and is working to block the spam accounts with inappropriate content.

The connected fitness company notified members about a recent influx of spam accounts with inappropriate content, describes as a direct violation of its standards and terms of service.

“We are actively working to block these accounts and continue to moderate explicit images associated with user profiles. Please do not accept or reply to these follow-requests. To alert us of inappropriate content, please report their username to [email protected],” Peloton shared with its members. 

“We apologize to those of you who received these follower requests and were exposed to this content. This is certainly not the community experience we expect for our Peloton Members,” the message continued.

Members of Peloton took to Reddit to discuss the inappropriate content situation, with one poster revealing that they discovered a new follower, depicted as a nude woman with links to online sites in her bio.

The newly created accounts typically consisted of a woman’s first name followed by a slew of random numbers. The spam accounts would appear to follow hundreds or thousands of Peloton members while being followed by zero users.

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One Reddit community moderator on the Peloton page suggested that it was just a matter of time before bots and “struggling Only Fans content creators” discovered that Peloton accounts could be created with free trial subscriptions.

Another poster joked that it might be a marketing ploy, as their husband received an inappropriate follower but hasn’t been on a Peloton bike in quite some time.

Pelotoners can also report spam accounts here.

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