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The Healing Company Acquires Well-being Businesses of Deepak Chopra, Including Meditation App, Health Retreat

The Healing Company Acquires Well-being Businesses of Deepak Chopra, Including Meditation App, Health Retreat

Dr. Deepak Chopra with The Healing Company founders

The Healing Company has made a sizable investment in integrative health, acquiring Dr. Deepak Chopra’s well-being experiences. Chopra joined The Healing Company upon its launch last year.

The deal includes Chopra Global’s products, meditation and well-being app, and licensed experiences, including The Chopra Health Retreat, CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa, and the Chopra Mind-Body Zone and Spa at the Lake Nona Performance Club.

The Healing Company, founded in 2022, also recently acquired Your Super, a plant-based superfoods brand and closed on a $150 million credit facility provided by i80 Group late last year.

The company says it’s eager to bring integrated healing to the world, pointing out that healthcare costs have continued to rise while life expectancy has begun to decline. The wellness-focused company plans to build a community of healing brands by acquiring wellness, supplement, and nutraceutical businesses, and reports it’s currently on track to complete 15 additional acquisitions over the next few years.

Dr. Deepak Chopra has a devoted following of 20 million social media followers, has a successful app with one million downloads, and has written over 90 books. He will remain as Chief Scientific Advisor to The Healing Company but said he is slowly withdrawing from all active business engagement. 

“I am only going to support companies that have a higher calling, that have good products, services and experiences and that actually do everything that I can back up scientifically,” he told Bloomberg

The spiritual and wellness advocate forged a friendship with Oprah Winfrey, and the two launched a series of meditation experiences. Chopra, an avid meditation practitioner, has shared he starts every morning with a two-hour meditation. Realizing that not everyone has the time to devote to such a long practice, he and Oprah crafted shorter meditation sessions that are still beneficial to the mind. 

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“I am deeply inspired by The Healing Company’s vision and leadership, and am very excited to work together to launch new products and practices that meet the Chopra community—and the world’s—healing needs,” said Dr. Chopra of the acquisition.

Chopra added that the world’s healthcare system is in a “crisis,” and the partnership with The Healing Company can help propel the mission of helping one billion people access healing modalities.

The financial details of the acquisition, which is funded with cash and equity, have yet to be disclosed. Bloomberg reports that the Healing Company expects the anticipated value will be $20 million over five years, including cash and royalties.

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