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Suited for Expansion: BODY20 Announces 200 Signed Franchise Deals, $30M Benetrends Partnership

Suited for Expansion: BODY20 Announces 200 Signed Franchise Deals, $30M Benetrends Partnership

Two women in BODY20 suit
BODY20, which offers a unique fitness experience through the use of its  electro-muscle stimulation suits, is experiencing a period of rapid growth

BODY20, an Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fitness franchise, is celebrating 200 signed franchise agreements and a $30 million franchise fund partnership with Benetrends. The franchise is calling it another record-setting year.

The Benetrends partnership will assist existing and new owners with its comprehensive service solutions and small business funding options. 

The recently signed BODY20 franchise agreements will bring the EMS-focused business to Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, San Antonio, Detroit, Portland, and New York.

Chris Pena, President and Founder of BODY20, said, “This is yet another example of how we are committed to our franchisees – from hiring the absolute best people in the industry, to leveraging strategic partnerships like Benetrends. We understand the importance of ensuring that our franchisees can and will get open successfully.”

Bob McQuillan, Chief Development Officer of BODY20, noted that capital access challenges will affect every franchise system’s unit expansion for the next few years and said there is a paradigm shift in how franchisors and lenders interact. 

“A fund like Benetrends will continue to allow brands such as ours to grow organically and bring in best-in-class franchisees and operators,” McQuillan said.

Woman helping another wear BODY20 suit.

BODY20, which harnesses technology through an FDA-cleared EMS suit, offers 20-minute workouts with certified coaches. Those who participate in a BODY20 fitness class are guided through customized strength and cardio programs and receive over 150 times more muscle contractions than a typical workout at the gym.  

Greg Breitbart, CEO of BODY20, says the EMS franchise feels honored to be one of the fastest-growing fitness franchises in the country. 

“Our growth as a brand is a direct result of providing something truly unique and desperately needed in the fitness market, a workout that is both efficient and effective for every body whether you are young or old, fit or unfit, male or female,” Breitbart said, sharing that the company expects to open between 60-80 studios this year. 

He is an advocate for EMS, as the method helped resolve his lower back pain in physical therapy.

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Breitbart acquired the Florida-based company in 2019 with his father, who was a BODY20 client. The fitness franchise has been revamped under Breitbart, his father, Kerry, and existing partner Pena. 

Showing up to a session is relatively convenient, as traditional gym clothes and sneakers aren’t necessary, and BODY20 provides the gear required. However, guests should arrive hydrated and free of excessive alcohol consumption 24-48 hours before a class. After checking in, guests will take a bio-impedance measurement, discuss personal wellness goals, and change into the EMS wearables.

During their first visit, guests will participate in various strength and cardio experiences tailored to their fitness level and body type. After the class, guests will discover their bio-impedance score and receive a recommended plan customized to their body and goals.

In addition to the convenience of a 20-minute workout that equals hours spent in the gym, BODY20 provides a low-impact method that reduces fat, builds muscle, eases muscle tension, corrects muscular imbalances, fosters good posture, and enhances sports performance. 

A list of existing BODY20 studio locations and future openings can be found here.

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