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How Body Scanning Tech Helps Fitness Brands Thrive in the GLP-1 Era

How Body Scanning Tech Helps Fitness Brands Thrive in the GLP-1 Era

Weight loss drugs help people shed fat but they can also lead to a loss of muscle mass and bone density. Advanced body scanners help mitigate these risks by giving users real-time info on their body composition

A seismic shift in the weight-loss industry is underway. JPMorgan analysts project that by the end of this decade, approximately 30 million people will be using GLP-1 medications such as Ozempic to manage their weight. Goldman Sachs anticipates that the market for these weight-loss drugs could surge to a staggering $100 billion in that time. 

Amid this burgeoning trend, a unique opportunity arises for the fitness industry to redefine its role, positioning itself as an indispensable ally in the journey towards health and fitness.

Originally developed to combat type 2 diabetes, GLP-1 receptor agonists, or glucagon-like peptide-1 drugs, have shown remarkable efficacy in promoting weight loss. Their mechanism, which curtails appetite and decelerates digestion, has proven to be a game-changer not only for diabetic care but also for obesity management. However, their widespread use introduces complexities, particularly the risk of losing muscle mass and bone density alongside fat. This is where fitness professionals can play a critical role.

The industry is well-equipped to mitigate these side effects, leveraging sophisticated support teams and cutting-edge technology.

The Benefits of Body Scanning Tech

An example of such innovation is that of Australian tech company Evolt, whose advanced body scanning technology is crucial for those on GLP-1 treatments. Utilizing bioimpedance technology, Evolt’s scanners offer a comprehensive view of an individual’s body composition. These devices, certified by major regulatory bodies such as the FDA, TGA, and CE, can distinguish between muscle and fat with precision.

credit: Evolt

According to Evolt’s Co-founder and CEO Ed Zouroudis, the company’s Evolt 360 model is particularly vital for gyms that aim to increase membership by attracting individuals on these medications. 

“The Evolt 360 bridges the gap between health aspirations and tangible results, transforming data into actionable strategies that enhance long-term engagement and success in wellness,” Zouroudis said.

Ed Zouroudis (credit: Evolt)

The technology not only provides insights into lean muscle mass and fat levels but also delivers this data through a user-friendly platform, the EVOLT Active App. This allows users to receive a detailed health report, uploaded to the cloud, which they can access anytime to monitor their progress. 

The importance of maintaining muscle mass cannot be overstated, according to Zouroudis.

“While these medications aid in weight reduction, it’s crucial that this loss does not undermine skeletal muscle mass,” he said. “A healthy body fat level, while building muscle, is the ultimate goal.”

Evolt’s technology also supports users in focusing on strength gains, a crucial aspect of weight management while on GLP-1s. 

“Our data increasingly indicates a shift in priorities from mere weight loss to muscle mass gain over the past decade,” Zouroudis added. 

credit: Evolt

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He noted that while muscle gain might increase overall weight, which could be discouraging to some; demonstrating that the weight is from lean muscle, however, can help foster a positive outlook.

Nutrition Support Enhances the Weight Loss Journey

Evolt also offers individualized macronutrient profiles which provide members with an understanding of the protein, carbs and fat they require personally on a daily basis. This is especially important for anyone using GLP-1 medications as the data will help them maintain a healthy body composition while taking the medication and following a resistance training program.

Targeted support is crucial for members to achieve their health objectives effectively. With such tools and support, gyms and fitness centers are not just places for exercise but become integral partners in the comprehensive health and wellness journey of individuals.

As the demand for GLP-1 medications continues to grow, the role of the fitness industry is increasingly becoming one of a collaborator in healthcare, providing not just equipment and space for physical activity, but a holistic approach to health and wellness that aligns with the medical needs of its members. 

The fusion of healthcare technology and fitness expertise could well redefine preventive healthcare and support for chronic conditions, marking a new era in the intersection of medicine and fitness.

Learn more about how Evolt 360 body scanning technology can revolutionize your health & fitness business today.

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