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Opinion: Ryan Lochte in Fitness Business, Trainers’ Recovery, Reebok Being Sold, Are Wellness Apps Solving Real Issue? Peloton on ‘SNL’

Opinion: Ryan Lochte in Fitness Business, Trainers’ Recovery, Reebok Being Sold, Are Wellness Apps Solving Real Issue? Peloton on ‘SNL’


Ryan Lochte Says Fatherhood Makes Him a ‘Better Athlete’ Ahead of Olympics: ‘I’m More Focused’
Fitness | People | Feb. 17, 2021

Athletech’s Take: 
Ryan Lochte, the second-most decorated swimmer in Olympic history behind Michael Phelps is getting into the fitness business. In collaboration with Suprema Fitness, the 12-time Olympic medalist has created his own digital fitness platform so people at home can do live workouts with him. Loch’d In Training is a subscription-based website that gives fans both on-demand access to the fitness routines of Ryan Lochte, as well as twice-weekly live workouts with him to get a firsthand look at how he gets Olympics-ready. 

A Year Into the Pandemic, Fitness Trainers Are Finally Seeing a Power Shift In Their Favor
Fitness | Well + Good | Feb. 16, 2021

Athletech’s Take: 
COVID was not kind to the fitness industry, and fitness trainers felt that pain probably more than anyone else in the sector. Trainers who once thrived off human interaction at gyms across the nation lost their livelihood as gyms shuttered. As a result, trainers were forced to flex their muscles and stretch to make ends meet. Many have moved their clients Online, others have taken positions with virtual streaming apps or some have taken the opportunity to start new businesses. While the pandemic was paralyzing for many at first, the future looks brighter as trainers are presented new opportunities driven by the rapidly evolving virtual fitness industry.

Adidas is selling Reebok to focus on its own brand
Apparel | CNN | Feb. 16, 2021

Athletech’s Take: 
Fifteen years after Adidas bought Reebok with the goal of competing with Nike, Adidas has plans to sell the struggling Reebok brand (significantly less than what they originally bought it). While the acquisition might be deemed a failed attempt, it wasn’t a total disaster. There were bright spots including returning Reebok briefly to profitability in 2016, strong celebrity collaborations such as with Cardi B giving the struggling brand some street credit, and the launch of a vegan sneaker demonstrating their commitment to sustainability efforts. While we are sad about the parting we at Athletech are definitely curious about what the future holds for the iconic American brand. 

The Rise of the Wellness App
Mental Health | New York Times | Feb. 17, 2021

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Noom Valued at $10B

Athletech’s Take: 
“Wellness has become synonymous with productivity and self-optimization. But wellness isn’t something that can be downloaded and consumed.” While mental wellness apps that we believe provide benefit to our lives such as Calm, Headspace, Fabulous, Rootd and Liberate are everywhere, the reality is that the impacts of the pandemic are far more complex than can be addressed via a meditation or sleep app alone. Millions of people who have experienced isolation and fatigue feel further disconnected from their communities. They are overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted. What do they really need? What can companies do to provide them reprieve?

This Hilarious Saturday Night Live Sketch Asks: ‘What If Peloton Instructors Were Terrible People?’
Fitness | Men’s Health | Feb. 14, 2021

Athletech’s Take: 
And lastly…fitness does not have to be always taken so seriously…so a sincere thank you to Saturday Night Live for taking one of our beloved fitness brands, Peloton, and showing us how their overly eager coaches really feel! If you have not watched the sketch, we suggest you do!

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