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Ivim at Work Launches as GLP-1 Corporate Wellness Program

Ivim at Work Launches as GLP-1 Corporate Wellness Program

Increasing access to weight-loss drugs can be the ticket to employee productivity and retention, the platform argues

Workplace wellness is taking a new shape, thanks to the rising interest in weight loss medication.

Employers could soon be helping staff slim down following a newly forged partnership between healthcare solutions provider Xevant and telehealth platform Ivim Health to offer a corporate GLP-1 solution, Ivim at Work (IaW).

While studies have generally shown that employees (particularly Gen Z and Millennials) prefer employers that support their health and well-being with corporate wellness programs, one eye-opening finding this year revealed that 20% of Americans would change jobs in favor of an employer that sponsors Ozempic or Zepbound as a healthcare benefit.

The strategic partnership will see Ivim Health’s team of board-certified obesity management specialists ensure employees receive personalized treatment and support, while Xevant provides access to low-priced GLP-1s from a network of suppliers of branded and compounded weight loss medications.

“Our partnership with Ivím Health brings an unparalleled level of care, cost, control, choice, and corporate wellness solutions to the market,” Xevant CEO Brandon Newman said. “By leveraging Xevant’s data analytics and Ivím Health’s clinical expertise, we are confident in delivering a program that sets a new standard in corporate wellness.”

The program will be available starting August 1. 

Beyond saving employees money, the IaW program is expected to reduce healthcare costs, improve health outcomes and increase productivity and retention, according to the platform.

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“We are excited to introduce ‘Ivím at Work, a groundbreaking step forward in workplace wellness, in partnership with Xevant,” Anthony Kantor, CEO of Ivim Health, said. “This program cultivates our commitment to delivering tailored, impactful health solutions that significantly enhance employee well-being and reduce healthcare costs.”

The global market for anti-obesity medications could grow to $100 billion by 2030, according to Goldman Sachs Research.

More recently, JP Morgan Private Capital, a venture capital and growth equity investment team under JP Morgan Asset Management, raised over $500 million for a life sciences fund targeting private biotech companies with a keen focus on the weight-loss drug space.

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